Did you know...     Kangaroos can’t walk backwards!       Australia is the only continent in the world that doesn’t have a volcano!      Rabbits and Parrots can see what is behind them without turning their head!      Venus is the only planet in the Solar System that rotates clockwise; all others rotate anti-clockwise!      Honey is the only food that doesn’t get spoilt!       Hands and feet have half the bones in the human body!      Apples float in water! That’s because they are made up of 25% air!       Human eyes can see over 10 million colours!       The deepest point in the ocean is the Mariana Trench which is 11km or 6.9 miles deep!      Robert Peary was the first person to reach North Pole in the year 1909!      During the summer months in the Arctic, the sun doesn’t set at all!      The human heart beats 72 times a minute and women’s heart beats faster than men’s!       85% of the world’s plant life is found in the ocean!

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20 Young Painters You Need To Know

Today, “youth” is a highly subjective topic. Obviously we can all be “young at heart,” but for our purposes of presenting a new generation of painters, young means under-40. Curated by Arrested Motion, this...


World Environment Day

Environment Day World environment day is also known as the Environment Day, Eco Day or short form WED. It has been one of the great annual events for years which is being celebrated worldwide...


Powerful earthquake hits Nepal

More than 1800 people were killed in earthquake which hit Nepal ‘s capital Kathmandu yesterday (April25, 2015) at 7.8 Richter scale.  Streets, Squares and houses in the city were turned into rubble, within minutes....

Mariyam Siddiqui, a 12 year-old schoolgirl from Mumbai won a Bhagwat Gita competition organized by ISKCON.

Gita girl

A young Muslim girl from a Mumbai school has won the Bhagwat Gita competition organized by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). 12-year-old Mariyam Asif Siddiqui, who is a sixth-grade student at Cosmopolitan...

Baby elephants learn how use their trunks from their mother

Do animals go to school ?

How do animals know everything they need to know? Are they born with it or do they have to be taught too? Earlier, we humans thought that animals knew everything they needed to know...

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