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Father’s Day Recipe Roundup Call For Submissions

fathers-dayThis  year we’re going to skip the grilling recipe roundup for Father’s Day.  We’ve been there and done that!  Instead, we’re going to do a week of recipe roundups to honour Dad.

This is a new type of roundup for us so there may be a few bugs to work out but in the interests of shaking things up, this is the plan!

We will do 4 different roundups running from Monday to Thursday:

  • brunch for dad
  • sandwich recipes (think hearty dad type sandwiches)
  • cooking or baking with beer
  • wings

Normally we will include all recipes that are submitted to a roundup if they meet our standard criteria and we will do our best to include as many as possible this time around as well but, in order to keep the different roundups balanced, number wise, that may not be possible – we’ll see how it goes.

We will show 10-15 recipes per roundup topic.

Here are the guidelines:

  • You may submit posts for up to two different categories.  We may use both or only one depending on the number and types of recipes submitted. Please tell us which categories you are submitting to.
  • The post can be old or brand new
  • Posts should be contain a recipe and must be from your personal blog.  
  • You may submit two posts – please, do not send more than two and ask us to decide!
  • Update your recipe here  by 5pm IST, June 10, 2015 with the subject line: Father’s Day Submission.
  • Roundups will be published the week of  June 20, 2015.

Source: foodbloggersofcanada

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