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Vishu celebrated with much awe in Kerala

Vishu Kani and Vishu kaineetam are the highlights of the celebration followed by a sumptuous meal

Vishu celebrations

Vishu celebrations

Hope atleast some of you have heard about VISHU, one of the two harvest festivals celebrated by Kerala State. The other harvest festival celebrated by Keralaites is Onam, which falls mostly after the monsoon season ends.

While Kerala celebrates Vishu,  some parts of the neighboring state Karnataka, especially Uduppi and Mangalore celebrate it as Bisu.  Vishu Kani and Vishu kaineetam are the two integral ingredients of the day. Ofcourse not forgetting the Sadhya  (elaborate vegetarian meal usually served on banana leaves)


This is a ritual followed meticulously by the people, this means the first sight of the day.

As this is a harvest festival, the Vishukani, should include all ingredients of the harvest (vegetables, fruits, mirror, coins, gold, new clothes, yellow flower called Konnapoovu  arranged in a typical way). In other words it means the sight of prosperity. The vishukani is arranged the previous night by the elders in the family and usually kept in the prayer room near the idol of Lord Vishnu.


On the day of Vishu, the elders in the family gifts money children, servants and tenants.

Vishu also marks the beginning of the astrological calendar (zodiac calendar).  The lunch is another main attraction of Vishu served with many varieties of vegetable dishes.

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