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‘Buy button’ to be added to Google search results

Buy Button

Buy Button

Google has confirmed that it is to introduce a “buy button” to its search results imminently.

The button would give Google Search users the option to purchase without needing to visit a separate website.

The company’s chief business officer, Omid Kordestani, said he wanted to reduce “friction” for users so they buy more things online.

Google faces significant competition from Amazon, where many people now begin their search to buy products.

Revenue earner

“There’s going to be a buy button. It’s going to be imminent,” said Mr Kordestani on stage at the Code Conference in California on Wednesday.

The change would make it easier for shoppers to buy products featured in its shopping ads that appear alongside search results.

Mr Kordestani also noted that about nine out of ten purchases are still made offline.

He added that the number of location-based searches to help users find something close to them had doubled in the past year.

Getting users to buy products as a result of searching is a key revenue earner for Google which currently charges retailers a premium to appear in a prominent position on the results page following a relevant search query.

Source: bbc.com

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